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Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit

We are excited to announce that Sports Vision Technology will take part in Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit that will take place on 30th and 31st March 2022 in Laax.

Trick is in the optics

Last time we told you a bit about Omniverse. We use it to prepare datasets to teach our models.


Have you heard about Omniverse?

Hackathon WSIiZ

We are proud to be a part of Hackathon WSIiZ. As a gold event partner, we hope all of the participants will have a great time.

Field tests – optics

We are after another day of system testing.

Camera tests

We are pleased to inform you about the successful field trials that we have carried out on the pitch in Nadarzyn.

Field trials

The first field trials with our system on the pitch in Nadarzyn ended the day before yesterday.

Crowd behaviour mapping

While implementing our goal – mapping the state of the pitch in 3D space, we cannot forget about the fans.

We are recruiting!

We are preparing intensively to start a new amazing multidisciplinary R&D project

Will the computer see better than a human?

Together with us – our colleagues from CIŚ and Warsaw University of Technology have been working on this question for several months.