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Czy komputer będzie lepszy od człowieka?

Czy komputer będzie lepszy od człowieka?

Together with us – our colleagues from CIŚ and Warsaw University of Technology have been working on this question for several months. The effects of their work so far describe as follows:

Behind us, long months of conceptual work, analyses and simulations, which resulted in a beautiful finale. Together with National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk and Warsaw University of Technology at the Sport Vision Technology, we have been developing a system concept that, thanks to neural networks, will allow computers to understand the image of a sports spectacle delivered from video cameras. They will recreate a 3-dimensional space with an accuracy higher than that obtained by the human eye and brain.

Thanks to cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, the use of radars and thermovision will also be explored. Sport Vision Technology itself, will develop the components necessary for commercial implementation.

The results of our work have been highly rated in the NCBiR competition and have received the highest funding.

Now, we have several years of hard, creative work, probably full of surprises and new solutions. We hope to contribute to the development of more and more advanced solutions of artificial intelligence, which will do the most boring and hard work for us and create new classes and professions we have never dreamed of.

We can’t wait to see it in real life.


Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

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