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Project’s title:

Development and construction of a system for the implementation of real-time three-dimensional visualization of football matches for the needs of interactive TV and Internet broadcasting, along with the implementation of a virtual reality system and verification of disputes in accordance with FIFA VAR standards.

Call number: 6/1.1.1/2019

Agreement number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0953/19



The subject of the project is the development and creation of a comprehensive hardware solution with the supporting IT infrastructure, allowing for the creation of real-time three-dimensional visualization of football matches and observation of the games using multiple devices (e.g. TV, tablet, smartphone) from the perspective of any place on the pitch or object moving on it. In addition, the solution will make it possible to make the created broadcast more attractive with additional AR elements (extensive telemetry of players’ activity parameters and match actions) and the implementation of dispute resolution verification dedicated to viewers to the extent provided for in the FIFA regulations for VAR class solutions. The target group for such a solution are broadcasters and producers who have the rights to broadcast football games (Business clients such as TV stations, football clubs and federations) and a wide spectrum of sports fans and supporters (Mass clients), receiving broadcasts of matches in the new formula on end devices or using e-sport solutions based on content generated by the Applicant’s solution.

Cost category Amount of eligible cost        Co-financing
Total direct costs 51 522 221,00 39 518 339,40
Total indirect costs    9 093 365,00 6 936 926,00
Sum 60 615 586,00 46 455 265,40