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Nov 22

Playing ‘floor is lava’ in VR

Playing ”floor is lava” with real (almost) lava! Make it real! Feel the heat! Have fun!
Oct 1

SVT Camera System Demo

Presenting our brand new mast for sports' transmissions! Watch your fav sports in VR!
Sep 21

Play dancing games with no controllers

Playing with no controllers. Just dance, don't care about anything else. #havefun #noworries #TVsetissave
Jul 24

SVT Teqball Demo

Our new demo is here! It’s #teqball time! 😁 🥂 🎉 ⚽
Jun 24

SVT your strategic partner

Welcome to Sport Vision Technology, where we are revolutionizing the world of motion capture with our cutting-edge system.
Jun 12

Camera mast geometry tests

This week we conducted a mast geometry set of cameras.
Jun 10

SVT You can choose your perspective

We think enjoying sports is the most common denominator that brings all sports fans together
Jun 8

SVT Football Experience

Virtual football becomes a reality.
Jun 6

SVT 3D movement tracking

You may think body markers are necessary for accurate motion capture.
May 24

SVT AI 2D hands detection

Building a system for football visualization is a complex task.