Mar 31

Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit

We are excited to announce that Sports Vision Technology took part in Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit in Laax. We presented our solution for tracking telemetry which could be a new approach to marketing in resorts and winter sports events. Many thanks to ALPDEST for the invitation to the best event in the Alps this year!

Thanks to Daniel Meyer  we had a productive workshop in preparation for an ALPDEST Alpine Innovations Summit. We had a great pleasure connecting with experts in different areas of advertisement – from billboard manufacturers to marketing specialists with whom we were able to discuss current challenges of the industry and collectively strived to find optimal strategies for the biggest market needs.

Last day we were able to present our solution in the context of winter sports visualization. There is extensive potential for collaboration that varies from utilizing the newest available technology to determining the current needs of content providers to surpass people’s wildest expectations. All of this while becoming more environmentally friendly.

Thanks, Ed Leigh for the wonderful hosting. Stay tuned for updates!

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