Jun 16

Crowd behaviour mapping

While implementing our goal – mapping the state of the pitch in 3D space, we cannot forget about the fans. Unfortunately, mapping each viewer separately is beyond the technological reach (so far :-)), but the behavior of the stands can now be reproduced. Our system is designed to be able to reproduce the general behaviour of fans in the stands and thus increase the immersion of the watched match. The demo that you are viewing below is an AI system that finds the behaviour of a recorded group of fans on a video material and reflects this in the game engine.

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Mar 31

Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit

We are excited to announce that Sports Vision Technology will take part in Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit that will take place on 30th and 31st March 2022 in Laax.

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Mar 6

Trick is in the optics

Last time we told you a bit about Omniverse. We use it to prepare datasets to teach our models.

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