Jan 3


Have you heard about Omniverse? Probably yes since there are a lot of rumours lately regarding NVidia’s newest system, let us explain a bit what are we using it for in SVT. As you already know, we are building a system for football players’ visual tracking. Our goal is to track not only people but joints or even surfaces of the given football player. That is very tough to achieve. One of the biggest problems you might have is getting useful datasets for testing and enhancing your model is the fitting dataset. Imagine how problematic it would be to get proper visual information from the football pitch. Basically, we would need to rely only on TV transmission or we would need to lease a stadium and organize our matches. So how do we manage that? Naturally with the help of NVidia’s Omniverse. We created a digital twin of a person and our algorithm analyses movement. Using Omniverse we are capable of preparing a lot of virtual datasets to teach our model better.

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Mar 31

Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit

We are excited to announce that Sports Vision Technology will take part in Alpdest Alpine Innovations Summit that will take place on 30th and 31st March 2022 in Laax.

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Mar 6

Trick is in the optics

Last time we told you a bit about Omniverse. We use it to prepare datasets to teach our models.

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