Jul 27

Vortex beam as a positioning tool

Many issues must be solved when you need a stable camera position (especially for AI). It is essential for real-time telemetry tracking. The bigger the area, the more demanding it is to get regular information about what the camera is observing (at certain distances on a football pitch, one pixel can represent a couple of centimetres if you are not using 8k cameras). This is why we provide a unique way to pinpoint exact locations for the cameras to know what direction they are looking.
Together with the Politechnika Warszawska Wydział Fizyki Politechniki Warszawskiej Team, we prepared a white paper on how to solve this issue and how to correctly minimise errors from unsuspected camera movement in a way that will not be problematic for any other equipment located in the stadium. Big kudos to Agnieszka Popiołek-Masajada, Ewa Frączek, Wojciech Frączek, Jan Masajada, Michał Makowski, Jarosław Suszek, Filip Włodarczyk, and Maciej Sypek for doing excellent job on solving big issues with cameras accuracy.
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Aug 31

Interview in Polsat’s “Szczerze o pieniądzach”

Our CTO, Sebastian Konkol, and Product Director, Gennadii Semenyshyn have recently met with Ernest Bodziuch in ‘Szczerze o pieniądzach’ (ENG: ‘Honestly about money’) in Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) to talk about Sport Vision Technology’s solutions. You can find the recording with English subtitles in the embedded video. SVT’s representatives have described our revolutionary solutions and answered the host’s questions about the Interview in Polsat’s “Szczerze o pieniądzach”

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May 31

Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum

We are pleased to inform you that yesterday we took part in New Tech Forum organised by Qatar-Poland Business Council. We had a chance to present our SVT system to Qatari investors and partners. We took this time to showcase our first tech demo of the system to the interested parties, and we must admit Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum

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